Monday, April 9, 2012

One Minute at a Time

Lately I am trying a new adventure, a triathlon. The requirements of the event I am attempting is a 500 meter swim, a 10 mile bike, and a 3 mile run.  

Of the three events the run is the most difficult for me and I have been training for it since January.  My plan  started with a 10 minute run, not very long and certainly not that far but all that I was capable at the time.  Each time I went out for a run, three times a week, I added one minute to my outward bound time two minutes overall.  If I fail at a time goal, and I have, I do it again until successes is reached.  

The point of this is that even though my gain each run is small I have been able to reach almost an hour of running.  The same principle can be used for biking, hiking, climbing, kayaking, etc...  all that is required is a little disciple and a goal  to reach for.