Monday, November 14, 2011

Six of the World's most Adrenaline Pumping Hikes

For those who wish to go on a hike with a little more...err great deal more excitement try putting these six under your boot.

El Caminito del Rey in Spain (The king's little pathway) - This trail was built to access a dam at the beginning of the 20th century.  At it opening the king of Spain walked it, which is why it is know as the king's pathway.  The trail has unfortunately fallen into disrepair explaining the poor state and dangerous conditions found along the way.

Mount Hua Shan - The trail travels thousands of feet above the valley floor and is one of the routes to the top where a Daoists temple resides.  The temple is an ancient one and after traveling this trail anyone could see why thanking a god, even if he is made of stone and is deaf, would be an emotional one.

Mount LeConte, Tennessee - This route is found in the great Smoky Mountains and along with the scenery presents a series of lodges to stay in once you have reached the summit.

Machu Picchu - Many people travel this trail to the every rewarding site of Machu Picchu an ancient Incan stronghold and one of the few city to never fall to the Spanish Conquistadors, they never found it.  

Angel's Landing, Utah - This trail is in Zion National Park running about 2.4 miles from the valley floor to the top.  A couple of places along the trail provide chains bolted to the cliff wall to help you stay on the trail and not the valley floor, not everyone has successfully navigated the route.

Mount Pinatubo, Philippines - Pinatubo had been know as an inactive volcano, no one could remember when it had erupted last, until 1991.  Before the eruption is was covered with a lush green forest now it is a dusty ash covered cone and still active.  

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