Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Walking the Amazon

An adventure to rival the great Percy Fawcett, Ed Stafford walked the entire length of the Amazon river some 4000 miles taking 859 days.  Ed began his journey with a friend who dropped out to return to his family leaving him to complete the journey more or less alone. Ed picked up a local forester to help him through a difficult section, who ended up walking the rest of the way with Ed.  They faced hostile tribes who threatened them with bows and arrows, walked across drug cartel lands, avoided poisonous snakes, ate piranha, got eaten by 50,000 mosquitos, and stung by nests of wasps.  If this sounds like a walk in the park it was not, at least 1000 of those miles was done while wading through the flooded low lands surrounding the Amazon basin.

This was truly an epic adventure.  The video is a portion of an interview Ed did for Sky TV.

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