About Me

I have spent 40 some years living and playing in the outdoors. My childhood was played out in and among the trees, trails, and waterways of the Pacific Northwest, more specifically the Cascade Mountains of North and Central Washington. As a small child my parents would take my siblings and I out biking, hike, boating, camping, backpacking, skiing, and various other assundry outdoor activities.

I gained my first official training in many outdoor skills through the Boy Scouts where I eventually earned my Eagle Scout. In my late 20's I took the Spokane Mountaineer's mountain school and learned about winter camping, climbing, and mountaineering. I have taught courses in camping, rowing, canoeing, climbing, and mountaineering. This last year I built my very first wooden kayak, a stitch and glue kit. Most experience, however, comes from just getting out traveling and playing.

As a side note: my family has been recreating in the outdoors for three generations. I myself am the third generation, on both sides of my family, to have summitted Mt Hood in northern Oregon State.

I now make my home in Eastern Washington, in a little town just outside of the city of Spokane, WA, where I hike, bike, boat, ski, the mountains, trails, and waterways of Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho.