Monday, December 27, 2010

Building a Touring Bike

This winters I plan on building myself a touring bike and blogging about the experience.  My thought process on this is, if I can learn how to put a bike together then I can certain work on and repair any bike that I own.  Please keep in mind that when I have a project that is being worked on something always goes wrong, I fail to read the instructions properly or I purchase the wrong piece, or I need a new tool (This usually is just an excuse to purchase a new tool), and the cost is always more then I plan on.  Last winter I built myself a wooden Kayak, which I will talk about in a later blog.  I have already purchase the frame and front forks, for the bike, they are a beautiful dark metallic green color and the price was really good.  Below I am including a list of items I will be acquiring as the winter moves forward.

1) Headset, stem, and handle bars
2) Wheel Set
3) Bottom bracket, crank set, and front derailleur
4) Cassette, rear derailleur, and chain
5) seat and seat post
6) brakes, shifters, and cables.


  1. Hi Dave

    Just finally read your blog. Success to you and your building bike project. But hey wouldn't it be cheaper if you went to the bike shop and bought a touring bike.

    Just curious Yohnnie G.

  2. Yes, it probably would be cheaper but learning how a bike goes together is one reason I am building it. I am also doing this so that I have something to do during the long cold days of winter.