Monday, April 4, 2011

The Indiana Jones Adventure

This Saturday the history channel ran a show about the Indiana Jones movies and the pursuit of knowledge called, "Indiana Jones and the Ultimate Quest."  Really it got me thinking about at least one of the reasons I like to get out and seek adventure.  In this case the pursuit of knowledge and understanding.  

This is not the only reason I like getting outdoors but it is certainly something I look forward to, going to new places to see things that I have never seen before.  Going out on the road does not only include a mountain to climb but a museum to visit.  Like last summer the return trip from Mt Adams included a stop at the Mary Hill Museum in Goldendale, Washington.  The museum has five different displays: Some of the material possession of Queen Mary of Rumania, a History of Sam Hill, an art museum including Rodin, a chess collection, and a Native American display.  Really more stuff than a one day expedition can cover.  

Sometimes getting outdoors can include seeking treasures.  Two examples I can think of are searching for fossils and gemstones.  A great place to look for treasure is in Saint Mary's, Idaho.  The Forest Service runs a site where the public can dig for India Star Garnets, there is only two places in the world these can be found, India and Idaho. 

The point here is that adventure does not always involve climbing a mountain or exploring the wilds of the Amazon it is getting out to find new places or learn new things to see what you have never seen before.  Part of adventure is to enrich your life with new knowledge because new knowledge can also bring about greater understanding. 

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