Monday, April 25, 2011

Along the Appalachian Trail

It is time to check in with Gabe, the MIT student hiking the Appalachian Trial.  For those who do not know Gabe took some time off  from school to raise money for his favorite charity and that of the most generous donor.  He has hiked for 51 days and is the tenth person hiking the trail to reach the half way point so far this year.  Unfortunately he got delayed along the way due to a case of Giardia, a very nasty infection you get from drinking tainted water.  

His father picked him up for a much needed rest and a trip to grandma's house for the Easter weekend.  It is nice to see a young man honoring Easter instead of Earth Day, the creator instead of the created.  He is setting to attempt the most epic section of the trail the WhiteFang.  I will leave it to Gabe to explain that in his blog.

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