Friday, April 22, 2011

The Greatest Adventure

It is good Friday and I wanted to talk about the greatest adventure of all.  We all understand that life is an adventure from the beginning.  The real adventure of life is to walk in the foot steps of Jesus the Christ.  Walking in the foot steps of Jesus is much more involved then believing that he lived and died or even rose from the grave.  Walking in his foot steps is to work to become like the person of Jesus but does not require us to become like the personality of Jesus.  

Becoming like Jesus requires us to get to know him.  Getting to know Jesus requires us to be around people who already know him and reading about him.  The only book that records the words of Jesus is the Bible.

The Bible speaks about the greatest adventures in history.  Abraham leaving his familiar home to move to a land unknown to him.  Paul moving from city to city from Israel to Spain.  The slaves of Egypt leaving their homes to walk to Mt Sinai and then to Israel.  And the greatest adventure of all, the journey we will all make when this life is over and the next one begins.  

If you want to have the adventure of a lifetime you must decide to follow Jesus to eat the dust that he kicks up when he walks in front of us, to get to know him and desire to be with him.  This is the condition of entrance into heaven. 

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