Monday, April 11, 2011

The Big Bike Build Continued

It has been a while since I talked about the road bike build.  The project is mostly finished.  When I say finished I mean everything is bought and on the bike.  A couple of mistakes were made in the purchasing of parts the first was a wrong crank and bottom bracket.  I had fully intended on making the bike a ten speed, ten chain rings on the rear sprocket, but for some reason I failed to look at the number of speeds the crank was rated for, in this case 6,7,8 speed.  The second wrong purchase was the rear derailleur I bought a SRAM instead of a Shimano, the rest of my drive train is Shimano.  The SRAM did not work correctly with the Shimano system and I had to buy a new derailleur. 

Once I got  everything on the bike I thought I would take it out for a test run, just up and down the street in front of my apartment.  Well, I did not quite get the rear derailleur adjusted correctly and the first time the shifter was moved the chain jumped the chain ring and got twisted up between the spokes and the top gear.  Guess what, two of the spokes broke, ouch.  So a 20ft ride was all I got out of the bike.  

Such is the way of things, nothing stays in perfect condition.  That is one of the laws of physics, entropy which says the instant something is put together is begins to degrade.  I should call the first law of David, once it comes to my possession it will be damaged.

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