Monday, July 18, 2011

Icicle Ridge Trail

The Icicle Ridge Trail starts out about 1 1/2 miles out of Leavenworth.  To get there travel Hwy 2 to the west end of Leavenworth where the Icicle Ridge and the Tumwater Ridge meet. Turn up the Icicle canyon and drive approximately 1 1/2 miles.  The turn off for the trail will be on the right side marked by a brown sign. 

If you are looking for a flat trail this is not the hike for you.  The trail does nothing but go uphill for many many miles.  In the first 2.5 miles you will gain 1600 ft.  Once you have reached the ridgeline you can bear left and continue up the ridge or turn right and walk another 1/4 mile to the overlook of the Tumwater Canyon and the Bavarian town of Leavenworth.  

For a quick morning hike, which is the best time to hike this hot and dry trail, I would highly recommend it.  Just come prepared to sweat and bring plenty of water or you will be thirsty. 

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    I have question regarding the east part of the trail heading down past the saddle (a tree stump stools) about hundred yards down. Everytime I go through that specific area only, I hear a strange sound, it sounds a lot like those plastic tube wind toys. They are about a yard long, hollow, and looks like a skinny vaccum hose. You twirl them to create a kind of wind tunnel sound. What animal makes this sound?