Friday, July 15, 2011

The Positive side of Carmageddon

The closing of I-405 in L.A. has caused something of an uproar, that is at least if the media is to be believed.   The media has even come up with a name for it, Carmageddon, the utter destruction of L.A.'s commuter culture.  It seems like a good opportunity to look at this freeway shutdown as positive in the life of a very commuter crowded city, by taking the time to explore.

The current commuters are being forced to find other means of arriving at their offices and homes.  What better time to explore new streets and neighborhoods, to try a different means of transportation, like a bicycle or a bus, or in the case of Jet Blue, a plane ride.

They say that learning new things, keeping the mind active, is a good way of putting off the onset of the mental degradation that comes with old age.  Sitting in the car listening to the hum of the engine and the blair of the radio is certainly not the way to do that.  However, taking a new route to the office maybe even by a different means of transportation certainly will improve the activity level of the mind and slow down the slow decent into mental incapacity.

Life just becomes more livable and interesting when we get out of the normal routine once in a while to see new places and learn new things.  The residence of L.A. now have a chance to get out get some exercise, see new people and places, and just live life a little bit better.

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