Friday, July 8, 2011

Ashley Cowie does Indiana Jones Impression

A new series is coming out on the Syfy channel hosted by Ashley Cowie.  Legend Quest will be a show about searching out artifacts both real and mythological by Ashley.  He will take on the Ark of the Covenant, very Indiana Jones of him, and a South American talking cross in the first episode.  In the last episode he will seek out the mythological Holy Grail.  As Ashley is a member of the Scottish Knights Templar this was his most thrilling search.  

Given the fact that this show is on the Syfy channel and not a more respected factual channel like Discovery or the History channel I do not expect a great deal of truth to come of it.  Some of the artifacts are real, eg the Ark of the Covenant, and some are false, the Holy Grail. 

The show should prove to be at least entertaining since the dream of having the life of Indiana Jones is in no small part exciting.  If you have even the least amount of desire to seek out adventure then you have probably longed to buy a fedora and bull whip and headed into the wilds of the jungle.  Hopefully Ashley will spark the same kind of interest in archaeology and adventure as Indiana did.

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