Friday, July 22, 2011

A Reversal of Adventure

Asgard Pass -The Enchantments
Recently I went for a bike ride and as I was deciding where to ride I thought to myself, maybe I should do a familiar route in the reverse direction.  The change in direction revealed a cornucopia of details I had missed the first time.  

Just like the path in life we take it always takes turning around to see where we have come and the details we have missed and also to remember the mountain top moments.  I recently read the account of Joshua just before Israel attacked Jericho.  Each of the twelve tribes took a stone from the Jordan river bed to make a cairn at their campsite that night in remembrance of what God had done for them that day, dried up the Jordan so that they could cross.  They were also to share with future generations what had been done for them.  Only by looking back is that possible.  

The same applies to adventure, going in reverse helps to remind us of struggles we survived and the provision we were given.  And more then that helps us to remember the God who both supported us through the struggle and the provision and grace he gave.  

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