Friday, July 1, 2011

Cycling Across America with Grandpa

Picture courtesy of the Daily Herald
Here is a story out of the Daily Herald of Utah.  Two teenage boys, Christian and Matthew, are riding their bikes across America with their grandfather and his friend.  Grandpa and his friend are 68 and 60 years old and still putting in a good days exercise.  Grandpa initiated the trip by asking the boys if they would like to go on this month long odyssey across the United States.  His intention was to spend some time getting to know his grandchildren and to give them something to remember the rest of their lives.  

Here is a grandfather who understands his role in life, to be a wise influence on his family.  Instead of spending his latter years running around in an RV doing exciting things, he is teaching the next generation about persistence with the use of a bicycle.  If you would like to read more about their adventure or even follow them along the way both Christian and Matthew have their own blogs.  Click on their names to follow either of their blogs.

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