Ten Essentials for Hiking

1) Map: A GPS is not an option here you do not want to rely on battery power.
2) Compass: Again only rely on the old fashioned magnet compass
3) Matches in a waterproof container
4) Pocket knife
5) Extra food: An extra meal is always a good thing (sometimes a hike take a little longer than expected)
6) Extra Clothes: Sometimes clothing gets wet and you need to full change to stay warm.
7) First Aid Kit: These come in many sizes and price ranges with many different options.  It is always best to consider what you are doing before purchasing.
8) Flashlight with extra batteries
9) Sunglasses: Besides looking cool, protecting your eyes is very important.  A sunburned eye can cause permanent damage.
10) Fire Starter: Many options exist for this.  Steel wool, inside layer of cedar bark, toilet paper, dry lichen, witches hair.
11) Toilet Paper (Not really one of the ten but almost more important than most)