Friday, February 24, 2012

Adventure on a Limited Schedule

Lately I have been wanting to spend more time outdoors but faced with the desire and need to be in church on Sunday mornings I have found the overnight trip a little difficult to accomplish without taking precious vacation days.  As I began to contemplate the problem the light bulb of genius, or simply the clearing of the cobwebs from between the ears, lit up.

What is the solution you ask, well, leaving from work with all the gear already packed up Friday after work.  Some careers allow for working a shorter day if you have made the hours up earlier in the week some do not.  The thing is, at least during the early days of Summer, the days are longest and the need to get somewhere where before dark is less pressing.

Traveling on foot, bike or by water at night was never safe.  Hidden tree roots to sprain the ankle, or ledges to walk off, cars and boats that can not or will not see you at night are just a few of the dangers to reckon with.  Yet June has the longest days of the year in it and if you arrive at your start point within a couple of hours of the end of the work day several hours of travel can be had on Friday night, then you have all Saturday to wander around in the wilderness and return to civilization by Sunday morning. 

For those who consider church on Sunday a priority consider leaving Friday after work and returning Saturday night or even early Sunday morning.

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  1. Indeed that was a great solution about your problem. Great thinking! Brilliant idea too.