Monday, January 24, 2011

Danger does not equal Adventure

Every once in a while a video gets passed along that is at least interesting to watch.  This week a coworker forward a video of a young man kayaking over the Palouse Falls in the state of Washington.  I am including the link at the bottom for your viewing pleasure.  The Palouse Falls is 189ft and drops a great deal of water into a turbulent pool below.   The stunt was to ride a kayak over the falls into the pool below and survive, survive being the key word.

The adventure would be the exploration of this waterfall and the surrounding canyon but this young man's quest was for an adrenaline rush.  Adventure can include an increase in excitement and even a sense of danger but that is not the point of the death defying plunge to into the turbulent pool below.  What I would consider even more frightening then going over the falls, though, is the comment made to his mother over the phone to her voice mail, and I quote, "Hi mom, I am going to do a little boating...hopefully I will make it home tonight."  makes you wonder if he thought he would not survive the crush of water at the base.

So for your viewing pleasure:  Palouse Falls Kayak Stunt

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