Monday, December 20, 2010

Chasing Rabbits

This week myself and two friend, Statler and Waldorf (not their real names) took a Thursday and headed out to one of the local ski area's, 49 Degrees North, to do some snowshoeing.  Statler had "organized" the trip.  Thursday morning we loaded up my car and head to the Mountain.  When we arrive the first hitch in our plan became apparent, you need to permit to use the trails and the ski area was closed, there was no way to buy a permit, even worse the trails were posted no trespassing.  Waldorf, thinking on his feet remembered an old logging road just down the hill that he and his wife previously hiked and we all agreed to give it a try.  Down the hill we drove and found the spot.  I parked the car in the only parking space there with the front end point uphill, this is an important point.  As we were gearing up, strapping on the snowshoes and hoisting the packs my car began to roll backwards, there was only about 5 feet between the back end of my car and the highway, Waldorf managed to jump in the car from the passenger side and push the brake with his hand stopping the car from become just another pile of scrap metal on the highway, for some inexplicable reason the car rolls, while in park, backwards.  I had to turn the car around and pull the emergency brake to make sure it would not roll onto the highway, to double insure the car was still there when we returned I place ice chunks under the wheels as chalks, where a logging truck might find occasion to display his superior size and weight in the side of my vehicle. 

Now everything was ready and we headed up the trail/road.  As far as hiking goes this was relatively easy walking.  We followed a set of moose tracks the entire day and as the title suggest rabbit tracks.  I see a great deal of rabbit tracks but never a rabbit while out in the snow.  It is more then entertaining to listen to my friends trying to identify trees, they were both Air Force survival instructors, and they could not distinguish between Lodgepole Pines or White Pines, not that I know what a White Pine looks like. 

After a day of changed plan and rolling cars, and yes snowshoeing, we stopped off in the town of Chewelah at a mom and pop deli/bookstore, what a great combination.  The books were 99 cents each and the food excellent.  There really is no better way to end a day in the outdoors.

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