Monday, November 7, 2011

Five Adventures for Fall

Always looking for  adventures to do during every season of the year I thought I would create a list of fall activities.
1) Go for a hike - This is number one and really can be done during any season of the year all that is required is the proper set of clothing and footwear.
2) During the fall a bike ride is still possible and even enjoyable so long as it is done during the warmer hours of the day.
3) The waterways are still accessible and setting a kayak in for a quite day paddling along the shore of a peaceful lake gives a lot of time to reflect or enjoy the company of others.
4) Get out with your camera and take pictures of the spectacular display of fall colors, who knows maybe you will get a picture worth framing and placing on your wall. 
5) Go for a drive to a small town near you for a walk down main street and a sit down meal at the local diner or restaurant.  Usually the small town has a wonderful mom and pop joint.

Some of these adventures can even be combined like the hike and photography expedition or the kayak and a meal at mom and pop's.  The point is getting out will make Fall an enjoyable and adventuresome season.

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