Monday, November 28, 2011


Not all adventure is done in the woods of your own backyard, even though that is the first place to go and the cheapest in cost.  And not all adventure is about trekking through the wilds of some remote unexplored wilderness.  Sometimes getting out the see an archaeological site is also a great adventure.

The city of Marcahuamachuco, the people of the men with hawk-like headdresses, is an archaeological site being dug up with could rival that of Machu Picchu, at least that is the hope of the local mayor who would like to see a big increase in tourism in his city.

The site is being explored and researched by a couple of Archaeologist named Topic, a husband and wife team.  It looks like an impressive place, unfortunately, like many South American sites is being looted for the artifacts, and thus much of the evidence needed to get a more complete understanding of the people who lived here and where they came from is gone to the black market.

Because Marcahuamachuco is not as well know as Machu Picchu the amount of people visiting the site is lower and would make it a much more appealing place to visit and explore.

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