Friday, January 27, 2012

Watching others do adventure

Every Sunday rowdy boisterous football fans park themselves in front of their TV sets to watch and cheer on their favorite and sometimes not so favorite teams.  Some even so go far as to become students of the game, knowing and understanding how the game is played the personalities and the egos and all the statistical minutia. They all lack one thing being in the game.

The Same might be said about adventures.  How many people spend their time reading about other people doing adventure but never get out and have any of their own?  I like to read about other people going about adventuring so that I can come up with ideas and develop a plan for my next adventure.  Maybe even dream a little bit about some grand adventure I can start putting the money aside for now.

That is why I write this blog both to come up with place to go and new adventures to have but also to encourage others to get out and do both little "Micro-Adventures" and grand expeditions.

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