Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years Goals

At the beginning of every year I sit down and think about what I would like to either pursue of accomplish for the next year.  Last year I set about five goals which you can read about in my blog, "Some Thoughts of this Years Adventures."  Two of my goals were either attempted of begun; Climbing a mountain and hiking the Columbia Plateau Trail from Cheney to the Tri-Cities.

The truth is I am satisfied with the results of last years adventures.  Instead of climbing a mountain, we were prevented from it due to an excess of snow, we took a group of teenage boys to Leavenworth and hiked up a couple of very scenic trails.  An experience they will not soon forget and one they grew from.  I took the new road bike out more often to explore nearby towns instead of driving to far away locations to kayak.

I did begin to hike/bike the Columbia Plateau Trail and am about 10 miles beyond the city of Lamont.  This will be a continuing saga and as I complete more sections I will post my record of them here.

The point of goals really isn't to make sure I complete them it is just a place to begin thinking about place to go and things to do and I encourage everyone to set some of there own as a motivational tool.

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