Friday, March 9, 2012

Forest Service Cuts Fee Programs

The Forest Service has been forced to cut back on the area's requiring the Adventure Pass.  For those who like to get out into the forest this is exciting, the cost of a pass, $30.00 per year, less then the cost of a tank of gas has been ruled as inappropriate.

Though I really appreciate free access to the national forests and am not a fan of recreation passes I do understand the need for them.  The Federal government has done nothing but cut funds to the Forest Service for years, as one forester put it, "Every time I put out my hand for more money to pay for upkeep and improvement the government what take more away." 

I am not a fan of the fee's but if we want our national forests managed well I think we still need to enforce them.  The argument has been made that charging the fee keeps the "poor" from accessing the forest, but I am here to tell you that if they can not afford the $30 for the annual fee then they can not afford the gas to reach the forest.

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