Friday, November 19, 2010

Packing for a trip

This last summer I decided to try a new way of packing my things into my pack and kayak. Instead of using the usual garbage bag to put food and other smaller items into I broke them up into smaller groupings, e.g. daily meals. These groups I placed into one gallon Ziploc bags with the zipper top. What this allowed me to do is pack more efficiently using less space and when I need to cache some food all I had to do was pull a bag or two out. For meals what I did was put breakfast, lunch, and dinner into one bag. When I was done with the meal, any unburnables were returned to the bag for future proper disposal. The other advantage to the gallon bag is that maller bags are easier to place into compact spaces. The gallon bag can also be used to pack for bike, car, canoe, horseback trips, etc...

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