Sunday, October 24, 2010

Taking Time for Adventure

The other day I decided to turn off a street I had driven many times before onto one I had never done.  I just developed a sudden urge to see something new. The turn was worth the ten extra minute it took me to get home.  I found a long staircase that rose from the valley I had dropped into up the side of a hill and out of sight, (would like to explore that sometime to see where it goes).  Some old and very nice houses that were along a narrow single lane street and the statue of a sphinx.

The type A personality is sometimes a curse to random adventure, always needing to get to my destination and if it is not in the plan then it is not going to happen.  This day the plan, the get to the grocery store and then home, was spontaneously readjusted and a new unknown route was taken, kind of an intentional wrong turn.  One warning here, some places in this world a wrong turn could be dangerous, i.e., a turn into Compton, CA. 

Here is the point, to find a little adventure take a "wrong" turn and see where it will lead you, whether on your bike, on foot, or in a car.  You may find something unique, historical, or even spectacular.

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