Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Adventurer Survives on Beer

Clifton Vial of Nome, Alaska decided to go on a little adventure.  He took his Toyota Tacoma down a road to see how far it goes.  I applaud his sense of adventure but he made one mistake, he did not go prepared for the conditions.  

40 miles down the road Clifton slide into a snow drift and got stuck.  With no way out and wearing jeans, tennis shoes, and  a cheap coat he wrapped himself in a fleece bag liner and towels to stay warm and he ate the frozen Coors Light he had in the cab.  

When Clifton did not show up for work his boss called the local constabularies to report him missing.  They did find him, fortunately after 4 days.  His scale also reported great news, he lost 16 pounds.

Here is the moral of the story, always go prepared for the worst case scenario.  It is better to have stuff you never use than not have what you will need to survive.  There is nothing wrong with making due with little, so long as you can actually survive.

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