Monday, December 12, 2011

Geocaching by Water

Geocaching is an exciting addition to any adventure, an almost Indiana Jones type of search for the Ark.  The clues are in your GPS and the map printed online.  Geocaching is an X marks the spot search with the prize at the end hidden from the casual observer.  Now a new element is being added to the adventure, kayaking.  

Some of the geocaches are being hidden in places accessible only by boat and being an avid outdoorsman the boat of choice is a non-motored canoe or kayak.  The adventure begins as a day on the water, hopefully in the sun, with an Indiana Jones ending a discovery of the hidden cache.  

I find geocaching fun because I get to see little hidden places around my own town I did not know existed.  And now with the addition of water accessible geocaches I will find new and exciting places to go.

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