Friday, June 24, 2011

Cycling Across Kansas

Here is a story right out of the Miami County Republic.  Rob White started biking to loss weight, this is the same reason I pick up a cheap bike and began to explore the local back roads of my home town.  His biking led to swimming and then running which in turn led to doing a triathlon.  I can well imagine that Rob lost the weight he was looking to loose.  This year Rob rode 531 miles across the state of Kansas with up to 800 other riders.  

The event ran from June 5 to June 11, meaning the riders had to average about 75 miles a day.  If you break it down to 8 hours a day that is about 10 miles and hour which is very reachable for those of us average people.  Looking for adventure really just requires a plan with a little bit of commitment to set your plan into motion.  

Here is a philosophy I have about adventure: I can plan every possible detail out but the fact is no matter how much planning I do I will always miss or forget something which only makes the adventure more interesting and possibly exciting.  I do not let the missed details stop me from getting out.  

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