Monday, June 20, 2011

Columbia Plateau Trail - Amber Lake - Martin Rd

Recently my friend Waldorf and I began to work on one of the goals I have set for myself this summer as noted in one of my previous blogs this year titled Some Thoughts of this Years Adventures. We pulled out our mountain bikes drove out to Amber Lake and biked from there to West Martin Road, which is about 6 miles shy of Lamont, Washington.  

The ride was very pleasant and the trail has been "improved".  Improved, by way of definition, means the state laid out a layer of fine gravel over the top of the railroad gravel.  Railroad gravel, at least in Eastern Washington, is made of broken up basalt ranging in size from golf ball to baseball.  I only mention this because after West Martin Road the surface of the trail returns to its primitive unimproved self, railroad grade gravel and the riding becomes very very rough, as in not really doable on bike. 

The wildlife along this portion of the trail was at least interesting.  A nice four point buck hooped alongside the trail ahead of us for about a mile before it decided the best way to get away from Waldorf and I was to hide behind a hill.  Also, as the title of my blog indicates the cows were constantly raising their heads out of the grass to watch us as we passed.  In fact, one small herd actually keep pace with us.  We were riding alongside the fence and they ran along beside us.  Another one of those Far Side moments.  For those who do not remember the Far Side it was a very popular comic strip in the newspaper. The Complete Far Side 1980-1994 (2 vol set)  

After riding for about a half mile beyond W Martin Road Waldorf and I decided to hike those portions of the trail which are unimproved.  The next section will be from W Martin Road to Lamont, Washington.

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