Monday, October 24, 2011

Columbia Plateau Trail - Martin Rd to Lamont.

Photo by D. McMillin
Starting at Martin Road about 20 miles SW of Cheney, Washington, the Columbia Plateau Trail travels over a massive man made land bridge.  Most of the bridge was cut from the surrounding land and the massive cuts can be clearly seen both up close and from the other side of the valley.

From the Land bridge the trail cuts almost straight to the little farming community of Lamont, a community of 70 people and a large grainery next to the old track, now the trail.  About halfway down the trail a local farmer has piled a very large stack of fence posts.  If you have a long enough lens you may even be able to take some excellent photos.  

This trail is only good for walking on as the railroad grade gravel make riding a bike almost impossible.  In many place walking beside the trail is possible and can be navigated with more ease than the trail.

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