Monday, October 3, 2011

Taking Time Out

Photo by D. McMillin
Today I went for a six mile hike out of a need to just get out and enjoy a nice warm but not hot day.  I brought along a kite with me because the wind was blowing and the location, Turnbull Wildlife Refuge has some very open spaces.  

About two miles out I stopped and pulled out the kite for a little fun, the kite is a stunt kite I purchased at REI.  After a couple of minute of painting circle, lines, and other odd shapes across the sky I began to really enjoy a time of standing still and laughing when the kite crashed into the ground, just like a child at play.  This is one of the reasons I get out, to stop and remember what it is like to enjoy life like a child does.  Seeing and doing new things is exactly what children do.  

Though this is a not quite what Jesus meant when he said, "you must be like a child to enter the kingdom of heaven," life is found much more livable when we learn how to enjoy it like a child.  

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