Friday, September 30, 2011

Walking the PCT

Photo by Noah Strycker
The Pacific Crest Trail is a trip I have always wanted to do myself after having done some of the very scenic sections around Glacier Peak (The most remote of the Cascade Volcanoes and the most unknown).  

Noah Strycker an ornithologist (someone who watches and studies birds) has completed one of my dream trips in 123 days averaging 21.6 miles a day.  He began the trip at the border of Mexico on May 19 and finished four months later.  According to Noah more than 300 people started the trip and only about 30 or 40 will finish this year because of the deeper then usual snow pack.  

Noah also walked through five pairs of running shoes, not really my choice of hiking shoes because of the lack of ankle support, but they worked well for him.  He did however walk the last 100 miles of the Sierra Nevada's with holes which his toes had worn through.  

If the chance to either make enough money to be independently wealthy and therefore have the time or retirement, I once met a 60 year old couple doing the whole trail, I will be strapping on my backpack for a long summer of hiking along the PCT in the footsteps of Noah, because this is an adventure worth having.  If you would like to read more about Noah's and his trips you can pick up his story at Noah Strycker Birder at Large.

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