Friday, September 16, 2011

Ultimate Adventures

This is a list I found over at the National Geographic Adventure website.  It is an Ultimate Adventure Bucket list.  There are actually two lists the first one is for the most extreme adventurers the second list, which I have here is more reachable and just as exciting.

1) Hike to Everest Base Camp.
2) Get Airborne in Queenstown.
3) Surf the North Shore of Hawaii.
4) Hike the Appalachian Trail.
5) Ski Denali.
6) Climb the Tetons' Cathedral Traverse.
7) Camel Trek Morocco.
8) Kayak or Raft Zambezi.
9) Climb Java's Volcanoes.
10) Dive Glacial Meltwater.
11) Ski the Dave Murry Downhill Whistler.
12) Trek the Salcontay Route to Machu Picchu.
13) Climb Aconcogua.
14) Dive the Yucatan's Cenotes.
15) Bike the Baja Peninsula.
16) Skipper your own Boat.
17) Dive with Hammerheads.
18) Trek the Mont Blanc Circuit.
19) Raft the Grand Canyon.
20) Complete the Explore Sweden Adventure Race.

Okay, exciting is not exactly the right word, truthfully I am not sure English contains an accurate word to describe the draw of these adventures.

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  1. Wow, all of the above places are really awesome. Thanks for sharing this to us. Great stuff, it would be more attractive if there are more photos posted here. But, it's all nice.