Monday, September 5, 2011

Review of the Pygmy Pinguino Sport

In the past I have written about Building the Pinguino Sport kayak designed by Pygmy.  But here I wanted to give a short review of the kayak.

The Pinguino Sport is a 13'-0" long kayak with a 13" depth and a 25 1/2" beam (side to side at the widest point) and weights a measly 34lbs (the weight may vary some depending upon how much epoxy is used in the construction process). 

The kit comes in two boxes, the first contains the pieces for the boat the second provides all of the necessary accessories and epoxies to put the boat together.  Everything is well marked and organized.  The instruction manual is both easy to read and well organized.  If you follow the instructions as they are written you will have a close to perfect boat, even someone who has never built a boat before can put this boat together.  As a side note, your kayak will not be completed overnight, there are many factors affecting the amount of time it takes.  Also, before ordering the kit make sure to consider the climate you will be building your boat in as the epoxy dry times can be seriously impacted by temperature.    

The boat itself is wonderfully designed, easy to carry and load, and provides plenty of space for those of us over 6ft in height.  I have used it for day trips around the local lakes and five day trips in northern Idaho.  The boat is very stable and it tracks well without a rudder.  Even when fully loaded and in two foot white caps the kayak remains comfortable and upright.  

For those looking to build a beautiful kayak this is certainly a good option.  Pygmy also provides phone support while you are working on the boat.  What more could you ask for than a well designed boat that everyone stares and drools over.

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  1. I have a Pygmy sport and love it. Fits perfectly, tracks beautifully, feels like it was just made for me no matter what other kayaks I try. Smooth water, rough's incredibly stable.