Friday, October 14, 2011

The Great Corn Maize Capper

Photo from LA Times
This has been in the news the last couple of days but it is just too funny to pass up. A young family found themselves lost amongst the sway stalks of scrumptious fresh rows of golden corn in Danvers, Massachusetts.

The sun was setting on this adventuresome couple as they wandered lost. What did they do? Call 9-1-1. Out come the local police with a K-9 unit to look for them. What do you suppose happen, the dog found them about 25' from the exit. They question begs to be asked, why didn't they just walk through the corn until they hit the edge of the field and walk around? I suppose that question will not get answered by the unidentified couple but the farmer is getting great publicity for his Maze. Both Leno and Letterman are looking for an appearance.

This is a great example of, think instead of panic, it will you from unnecessary embarrassment and tie up local authorities with something they will end up laughing about for many weeks.

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