Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hiking the Natural Way

Okay, this story falls under the Chuckle and Snort category.

Leave it to the Germans to take hiking and make it an activity without clothing.  Anyone who has spent time carrying a pack longs to lighten the load.  The Germans with there engineering genius have decided to skip the genius and just remove the weight of the clothing. 

Apparently naked hiking is more popular among the men then it is the women.  The trail is approximately 200 miles southwest of Berlin and there are signs warning all visitors to the area about the extra bear, err, bare types along the forest path.  The whole concept brings a new meaning to getting back to nature. 

This also brings up another question, how much extra suntan lotion and bug spray would be required to prevent mosquito and tick bites.  Without clothing these particular trail hazards have more access to those secret places.  This trail will go on the must miss.  Besides the first man an woman, Adam or Eve, were covered up because of their sin why should we break with that tradition.

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