Monday, August 29, 2011

Espanola a Micro Adventure

Photo by D. McMillin
In the spirit of the last blog Micro Adventures I decided to take on one of my own.  So this last Saturday I looked at the map and found a little dot on it.  The dot in this case was a town named Espanola about 17 miles from my front door.  The route took me through some of Eastern Washington's back roads first to the town of Medical Lake and then Espanola. 

Along the way were some wonderful discoveries.  1)  An old ranch with a rather large stone barn which is starting to break down.  2) Two different lakes; Medical Lake and West Medical Lake both of which is very pretty.  3) An old collection of Barns, somewhere between five and ten on the same piece of land next to each other.  And then the town of Espanola, which consisted of about six house, an old Grange hall, a grain elevator, and a railroad track, not that railroad tracks are uncommon here is Eastern Washington. 

I also found that the long ride allowed me time to listen to a couple of lectures about the foundations of Jazz. Overall it was a very good day and my desire for adventure was satiated for another day. 

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