Friday, August 26, 2011

Micro Adventures

This week I ran across a blog about micro adventures called AllistairHumphreys adventurer/author/motivational speaker.  His idea is to get out and go on an adventure that starts at your front door, preferable without a car.

These are the adventures which cost the least and allow an adventurer to satisfy the inner explorer; the need to see what is around the next corner or over the next hill.  These days cost is very much an issue in all but the richest of our society so doing things closer to home is certainly a way to get out. 

What to do though, try looking for monuments around your town by riding your bike or walking a kind of treasure hunt with some historical or archaeological theme.  It may take a little time but you will certainly see more of your local community then you have every done before.  Go for a long bike ride to another town. Load your backpack up and hike to a local hill preferably on public land and set up camp, do be legal about it.  Enter a race, most communities have at least one a year.  Take your boat, if you have one, and explore the shoreline of a local lake, there can be many wonderful things to see.  If you are looking for an even more exciting adventure bring a friend.

The idea of the micro-adventure is an excellent one and with a little creativity we can all partake in our own.  Who knows you might even learn something. So get out and start adventuring. 

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