Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Kayaking Around Kalispell Island

Papoose Island Photo by D. McMillin
If you are looking for a nice afternoon kayak Kalispell Island, on Priest Lake, ID, is a good place to go.  The adventure more then likely will begin at the Kalispell Bay boat launch.  

There is a nice sandy beach at the boat launch sheltered in behind the docks.  From here paddle about a 1/2 mile across the lake to the island.  The paddle around the island is about 3 1/4 miles.  While kayaking around Kalispell there is a nice little side trip out to Papoose Island.  Papoose is just a little island that should take you no more the 15 minutes to paddle around, be warned the island is posted as no public access.  

Kalispell Island also has nice sandy beaches to get out and play on when you want to get out of the boat and play.  For the bird watchers, on the east side of the island at the three pines camping site is an eagle nest near the top of one of the trees, if you are fortunate you may catch him watching you. This is definitely a nice day trip and, if you want, Kalispell Island also has camping site for those overnight trips.


  1. We love Kalispell, I bet a kayak around Papoose would be amazing!

  2. Kayaking to Papoose is a very nice adventure, more because on a calm day you can see the granite bottom of the lake many tens of feet below. Actually makes me wonder how the lake was formed. and where the large boulders came from.