Monday, May 16, 2011

The Cost of Adventure

Percy Fawcett - Boliva 1906
As of the writing of this blog a third climber has died on the slopes of Mt Everest.  Which brings up an interesting thought about adventures and exploration.  The big adventures almost always have the potential for loss, whether it be life or limb.  Many adventures have lost their lives, Percy Fawcett, Robert Scott, George Mallory, and many more unamed men and women.

Adventure, though, can be larger than life just like the adventurer, does not really need to be, these men were just looking to accomplish something that had never been done before, at least by a Westerner.  But as an adventurer all that really is required for an adventure is to seek out a place never before seen by you.  Maybe there is a museum, or a national park, or maybe just a dirt road you have never been down before.  These are adventures just as worth of our time as seeking the source of the Nile.

Here in the metropolis of Spokane there is a rumor that a Da Vinci exhibit will be coming to the local museum.  That is an adventure worth having without the potential for loss of life or limb.  So get out away from the X-Box, the cell phone, and the internet and have a little adventure of your own, what do you have to loose?

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