Monday, May 9, 2011

The Simplicty of Adventure

Sometimes I ask myself, why do I want to go out and seek adventure.  A lot of adventure takes place in uncomfortable places or conditions.  Climbing a mountain such as Mt Rainier or Mt Adams comes the physical discomforts of cold, nausea from altitude, and sore muscles.  So why seek adventure?

Adventure breaks life down to its simple necessities.  When I leave home I have to decide what to leave at home, which is most of it.  My books, movies, kitchen appliances, bed and pillows all stay at home.  In fact looking for ways to reduce the amount of gear taken on any expedition is an every expanding quest, almost an adventure in itself. 

Staying dry, warm, and filled with food are the only real considerations while on an expedition.  I am always out seeking something whether it is learning about history, the physical and mental limits of my body, or a little peace and quite the basic needs never change and those are the only items taken with me.  Having so little is simply a reminder of how simple life can be and how all the other stuff is something that both clutters life and requires upkeep.  

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