Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Nine Day Canoe Adventure

Sam and Caleb and their 75lb canoe
Two brothers, Sam and Caleb Levar, spent eight days canoeing the La Verendrye fur-trading route which is 270 miles.  The La Verendrye trading route was established by Pierre de la Verendrye and his three sons in 1731.  La Verendrye was looking for a route to the Pacific Ocean, as a way of reaching the East for the purposes of trade.  La Verendrye also established trading posts along the way to trade with the local peoples in an attempt to take business from the Hudson Bay Company.  

 Sam and Caleb enjoyed their trip and you can read their interview on the Canoe and Kayak website.  One other note it appears that two brothers can get along for eight days alone in the wilderness.  

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