Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Aleksander Doba Kayaks the Atlantic

Alexander Doba a 60 something Polish man just completed an almost 99 day kayak across the Atlantic ocean.  He left Dakar, Sengal, that is one of the western most point of Africa and kayaked to Fortalez, Brazil, a trip of a little less than 2000 miles, not trying to under state the mileage here because this is a long way to go in open seas.  Because of ocean currents and weather, Alexander ended up paddling for 3352 miles, that is a difference of at least 1352 miles.  
The Atlantic is not the first long trip Doba has paddled  Previously he did 2600 miles around the Baltic Sea, 3300 miles from Poland to Norway, and 1200 miles around Lake Baikal.  In all has has kayaked more than 40000 miles. 

What a grand accomplishment and what I would call an extraordinary feat.

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