Monday, March 7, 2011

Cycles of the Moon

Every year there are 13 full moons and each one has it own names among the Eastern and Northern native tribes of North America.  Their calendar was actually lunar in nature, in other words, they tracked the months of the year by the cycles of the moon and not as we do today with a solar calendar.  

When out exploring in other cultures and places it is useful to understand this concept of the year.  Here is a great example.  In Samoa the new year used to begin when a certain species of sea worm would swim to the surface of the ocean and wiggle its tail in the air, it is actually the worms mating season.  But it is also a great time to scuba dive around the local coastlines and watch this new year starting event. 

For your enjoyment and understanding here are the 13 months of the year.
January - Wolf Moon
February - Snow Moon
March - Worm Moon
April - Pink Moon
May - Flower Moon
June - Strawberry Moon
July - Buck Moon
August - Sturgeon Moon
September - Corn Moon
October - Harvest Moon
November - Beaver Moon
December - Cold moon
And once every year the full moon rises twice in one month and is know as a blue moon. 

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