Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Iditarod Begins

This Friday March 5 one of the greatest adventure races begins, the Iditarod.  Man and dog versus the arctic climate of Alaska where the wind chill can drop to -100 F (-73 C).  The race course travels through mountains, across tundra, and along the coast in some the very scenic Alaskan wilderness.  

The race began in 1973 as an endurance challenge and has moved to a all out competition with the winner becoming an Alaska hero.  The 1150 miles 9 to 15 day of race is certainly not for the faint of heart but makes for exciting drama.  To watch the progress of the race visit the official Iditarod website.  You can even track the teams along the course by GPS.

This year there will be 62 mushers 16 of which are foreigners.  The most exciting musher, however, is the Jamaican Oswald "Newton" Marshall this will be a man to watch.

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