Monday, March 28, 2011

Climbing over the bones of the earth

I have often thought about what the mountains are.  In scientific terms they are the result of plate tectonics.  The pressure of one section of earth pushing upon another.  This fact I have never disputed.  But science is limited in its ability to understand the past because it requires observation and an eye witness account.  I do believe there is an eye witness to the formation of the mountains and that it has been written down his name is Noah and the Bible is his account.  We talk about the theory of uniformitarianism as if it was a fact, but this fact precludes the idea of cataclysm.  Even scientists believes there were cataclysmic events in the history of the earth, meteor strikes, great floods, history altering volcanic eruptions and so on. 

What I want to discuss is not really about how the mountains were made but what they represent.  Before the time of Noah the earth was more than likely rather flat and one large continent, Pangea.  During the world's greatest cataclysmic event, a world wide flood, the continent was broken into smaller ones, the crash of those smaller continents forced mountain ranges up.  The cause of this great destructive event was the evil of man kind.  All cultures would agree with this.  Read their ancient legends; the tale of Gilgamesh from ancient Sumeria, the Popol Vuh of Ancient South America, the Hiking of Ancient China, and last but especially not least the Bible.  

Because the mountains arose as a result of the  great flood which was cause by the evil of man kind the mountains are a reminder of our evil, what is more accurately termed sin.  Our sin broke the earth and caused the rocks of the earth, its bones, to rise up into mountain ranges.  So every time we climb upon the bones of the earth we should be reminded of our evil and hopefully repent.

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