Wednesday, March 9, 2011

British Medical Student to explore Remote Venezuelen Rapids

Arthur Norton Navigating Rapids
Arthur Norton, a Medical student at Brighton Medical school, will be traveling to Venezuela with five other team members to take on rapids that have never been done before in the remote areas.  They hope to do rapids of class IV and V.  The expedition will take about six exciting weeks in the Jungles.  Not only will they be combating the rapids but camping along the rivers shores with the snake, bugs, and other jungle nasties.  

Arthur is very excited about the trip but worries about South America's largest slithering reptile, the Anaconda.  After watching Marlin Perkins and Stan Brock wrestle with one I would be worried too. Arthur's attitude when it comes to Kayaking is, "I'm into throwing myself off waterfalls and big drops," maybe he should make that his Mantra.

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